Life of a Wallflower Part 9 – Summer

It’s summer! Finally, summer! Are you excited as I am?


If you haven’t noticed yet, most of my current recipes are summer oriented. =) I really couldn’t resist.

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Life of a Wallflower Part 6 – Desperately Seeking Patient

It’s been a week since I started the #100HappyDays challenge. I personally think it’s a lot of fun documenting the everyday moments that make me happy.

Here are a few snapshots from this week:

I made a loaf of this amazing Strawberry Bread using a recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, Sally’s Baking Addiction. If you love strawberries as much as I do, you’ll have to try this bread.


I finally managed to make mini donuts that taste like donuts. The recipe still needs a little more tweaking, but it’s soo much better than my previous tries. This was the fourth attempt.

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Life of a Wallflower Part 5 – #100HappyDays Challenge

It has been awhile since I gave you a little peek into my life so here it is. =)

My sister, cousin, and I decided that we would participate in the 100 days of happiness challenge. As of yesterday. You can find more about it at Basically, they’re challenging us to find one happy moment in life every single day for 100 days. You document those moments with a photo and #100happydays. In the end, you’ll have at least a hundred photos of the little things that make you happy. Are you up for the challenge?


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Life of a Wallflower Part 4 – Paper Craft Projects and Macarons

These last two weeks have been so busy and hectic!

I’ve been working on a craft project for a friend’s birthday and it has taken up so much of my time. I’d love to show you photos of it and maybe even directions on how to make your own, but it’ll have to wait another few weeks until I’ve actually given this gift to my friend. That way, I can’t ruin the surprise.

Here are a few sneak peek photos that won’t ruin the surprise =)


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Life of a Wallflower Part 3 – More Birthday Outings

Happy Spring!

I hope you guys are all enjoying the first day of spring. Hopefully it’ll start to get warmer for those who are stuck in the cold. =)

San Francisco has been unusually summer-like. We’re usually cold and foggy, but lately, the weather looks like this.


This week in a little peek of my life…. If you didn’t already know that I like to eat from reading my blog, you’ll probably notice it after this post…

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Life of a Wallflower Part 2 – 27th Birthday

Just another little peek into my life. =)

I don’t look forward to growing a year older. Who does, right? Sometimes I feel as if there’s extra pressure to be more accomplished, to be something greater, and I’m worried that I don’t meet those expectations.

But birthdays are always fun too. What’s the best part about birthdays? The birthday cards! Lol. It’s the always the best part of birthdays and Christmases for me because it’s the most sentimental.  I love reading what people write to me.

I turn 27 today, the 15th, but I celebrated with friends a few days earlier, because it was the only time we were all free. I wanted to dedicate this post to my friends, who know who they are and have been there for me through the years.

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo. I know it’s odd that I ended up going to a chain restaurant, but I love the food there and the cheesecakes are amazing though so very fattening. I figured it’s okay every once in awhile though to live it up =)

I ordered my favorite dish, Chicken Madeira. One of these days, I’m going to figure out how to make this dish and share the recipe with you. I’ll have to run out to get Madeira wine first though!


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Life of a Wallflower Part 1 – Lake Tahoe

Just a little peek into my life. =)

I took a little mini getaway with my friends this past weekend. We went to Lake Tahoe at the border of California and Nevada to a ski resort called Northstar.

I haven’t seen snow in so long I was excited. I think it’s been five years. lol. I would never survive living in the freezing cold winter weather, but I love the idea of snow and seeing it temporarily.

We were actually there to snowboard/ski. Considering that I’ve done it once, five years ago, the last time I saw snow, I was a little more than apprehensive. But it was soo fun. And it was the perfect way to get my mind off all my worries, even for just a little while. Northstar was so impressive with all their slopes. It was super crowded too. I wish I took photos of the slope, but I was too busy falling from my snowboard to take out my phone for photos.

Here are some photos of Lake Tahoe. We were really there for Northstar, but when my friends heard I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe, they made a detour.

I have no idea why there’s a random rock in the lake.


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