Life of a Wallflower Part 8 – Davis Wedding

I mentioned that I went to a college friend’s wedding, but I haven’t had the time to share some photos of their special day. You’ll get to see what I saw in this post =)

It was so amazing with DIY decorations for an outdoor Hawaiian themed wedding. The weather was perfect too! I was so worried that it was going to be super hot. Living in Davis for four years, I knew that late spring until late fall, the temperatures could be over 100oF. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Emily (from Emily’s Daily) and I helped set up a few of the tables. The bride did such a great job drawing out the plans that we knew exactly how to set up everything the way she wanted it. The sign was hand painted.


DIY outdoor decorations.


There was also a little bar with friends who acted as bartenders, unlimited alcohol, sodas, juice, and water. Oh, and peanuts and pretzels in case guests grew hungry before dinner.


These lanterns were placed everywhere. It’s so beautiful at night with the LED candles turned on.



Food was catered by TLC Catering Company in Davis.

These were the appetizers.


The place setting for dinner.


We brought our plate to a different room where the caterers piled food on our plate. It was huge. My photo does not do it justice, I know.


Guava wedding cake.


There were hula dancers with live Hawaiian musicians since it’s a Hawaiian themed wedding.


I had so much fun. Congratulations to the couple on their special day!

Afterwards, we walked around downtown Davis, reminiscing our college days and exclaiming over new stores.

Like, this brand new CREAM store. There’s always a super long line no matter which city and location you’re at.


I love this place because you get to select your cookies and your ice cream for your ice cream sandwich. You can also mix and match. I had chocolate chip cookie and a cappuccino cookie with green tea ice cream.


I hope you enjoyed a little look into my life. =)

I didn’t include photos of myself because Emily has the photos, but I’ll share those with you when I get a copy of it.

Until next time.

~ Andrea

31 thoughts on “Life of a Wallflower Part 8 – Davis Wedding

  1. The food looked amazing! And those hula dancers!?! So cool! A Hawaiian themed wedding is a great idea! That cake might have made me think twice about my gluten-free status, just for the night, if course! 😉 Can’t wait to see you in your dress!! 🙂


  2. Loved it! That guava wedding cake looked AMAZING! I recently used a chalkboard wine crate for a graduation party with messages for the graduate all around it. Love chalkboard and this application was fun and practical.


  3. I remember the Wednesday and Saturday market in Davis. There were many temptations but get their early! Living in Sacramento in those days, parking was an issue. There were also some enjoyable productions by students at the theatre. When my children were still young we went to see Sweeny Todd and at intermission they sold Mrs. Lovett’s pies… 🙂


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