Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks

Melted mozzarella cheese and warm creamy garlic sauce over breadsticks, a perfect side to almost any dish.

Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

I know, I know, these breadsticks look a little plain in the photos. But believe me, they are soo tasty. Creamy white garlic sauce and melted mozzarella cheese on bread? What could be a better comfort food? These breadsticks are super easy to make and they’re perfect as snacks or as a side to many dishes.

First, make the creamy white garlic sauce. And if you think you recognize this recipe, you’re right. It’s the same exact sauce as my pizza recipe. I like it that much.

Mince 6 cloves of garlic.


Add about a tablespoon of olive oil in a small skillet or pot and heat over medium to low. Add the minced garlic, stirring until the garlic turns a golden brown. Be careful not to burn the garlic. Otherwise, it will taste burnt and bitter.


In a small bowl, mix ½ cup of heavy whipping cream with ½ teaspoon of flour. Stir until the flour dissolves in the heavy whipping cream.


Pour the heavy whipping cream and flour mixture into the skillet with the garlic over low heat. If the heat is too high, the sauce will thicken too quickly. Quickly add in the Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper, and salt. As usual, add the salt to taste. I like my food to have a certain level of saltiness, but you might like it more or less so adjust it according to your taste. Mix thoroughly so that the seasoning will be evenly distributed. Heat and stir the sauce until it has thickened enough to your liking. If the sauce becomes too thick, add a tablespoon or more of heavy whipping cream and stir until it reaches the consistency you’re looking for.

Turn off the heat and set aside, allowing the sauce to cool down for a few minutes.


Preheat the oven to 350oF. Line a baking sheet with foil and set aside.

I bought a loaf of bread from Safeway and just sliced about ¼ of it for this recipe.


Next, I sliced the bread horizontally like in the photo below.


Then, cut both halves vertically into breadstick slices like below. I cut mine into three slices.



Spread the white garlic sauce onto the bread. I love the spicy garlic taste so I might have drenched my bread with the sauce…

Place the breadsticks onto the baking sheet.

Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

Evenly distribute a cup of mozzarella cheese (or more) onto the breadsticks. I like my breadsticks gooey with melted cheese so I placed a good amount on mine.

Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

Bake the breadsticks in the oven at 350oF for about 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Serve the breadsticks warm as a side or a snack.

Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

And here is a sneak peek of a recipe I will be posting soon that includes these yummy garlic mozzarella breadsticks.

Spicy Rigatoni with Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce and Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

For a printer friendly recipe, click here.

Click on the image below for an enlarged version of this recipe.

Spicy Garlic Mozzarella Breadsticks | Cooking with a Wallflower

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    Cheers to the busy Thursday and great expectations for great results!


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